Storing your photos online is very easy nowadays. You don’t need all the external drives with copies of your photos and everyone can browse through all the beautiful locations you’ve been. There are many sites that offer you the ability to store your amazing photos online, but SmugMug goes a step further.

SmugMug makes it very easy to design a website and the options are almost limitless. With a drag and drop design option, you don’t need to know much of html and css programming. You can create galleries and pages for your customers within minutes. There’s even a shopping cart for your photos. Just let your clients see your photos and they can buy them directly as print, on a coffee mug, on a jigsaw puzzle or as download. Did I say that the options are limitless? Yes, even for selling your stunning photos, you can make your own price lists.


SmugMug smart galleries are a great tool. Just use the keywords for your photos and create a smart gallery with a keyword. Within a sec you will have separate galleries for your photos from Norway, Paris, New York or any other keyword you used to create a smart gallery.

Embedding photos from SmugMug in your WordPress site is very easy. Within SmugMug you can get a html code to embed in WordPress. If you want to redirect your visitors to buy that photo, you can also get a link from SmugMug. See the example below. Click on the image and you will see it in my SmugMug site. When you click on the buy link below the image you can see all the options I have chosen for selling my photo.


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