We are listening, and that is exactly what they do at the Radio Telescope in Dwingeloo, The Netherlands. This was one of my first attempts with the Nikon D750 to shoot for the stars. I just wanted to see how this amazing camera would perform with high iso values. Well, it did just as I expected… Really great!!

Nikon D750 || 14-24@14mm || ISO5000 || f/2.8 || 20 secs

I didn’t have much time to test it even further because this is what happened next….

As I was setting up my camera and took a few test shots, I suddenly heard some voices in the distance coming from the direction where I parked my car. After a few shots, I decided to walk back to see what was causing all this commotion. Through the trees I could see flashlights sweeping through the branches.

Arriving at my car I found out that four police officers where looking at it. As soon as they saw me I approached them and shook their hands. They told me that I couldn’t park my car there at night and that the nature park was closed after sunset.

I showed them the few shots that I had taken and pretty soon the ice was broken and we talked about photography. I planned to do a timelapse, but that will have to wait till next time. The number of shots I took are only good for a 0.8 secs timelapse.



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