The SS Rotterdam (Steam Ship) is one of the ships that sailed from Rotterdam to New York a long time ago. It’s not really the last ship, but nevertheless still an amazing piece of history to visit. The ship was part of the Holland America Line (HAL). It sailed onder the of Holland America from 1959 till the end of 2000. Until 2008 it was used as a very succesfull cruise ship.

Today the SS Rotterdam is a hotel, restaurant and used for events such as parties and weddings. Dark clouds were rolling in over Rotterdam this particular evening and I thought I would become soaking wet when it would start to rain. But luckily for me it was also a stormy night, which resulted in a spectacular dramatic sky. This photo is made of 9 hdr photo’s which were stitched together in Photoshop. The full size is 10097 x 5680 pixels.


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