Now that the days are getting longer, the workshops for night photography are coming to an end. But don’t be afraid, they will come back this autumn. Behind The Lenscap has some Summer Workshops for you to follow.

This spring and summer I am planning some masterclasses in HDR post processing and a dvd about night photography. On this dvd you will get all the information about the workshop night photography and some RAW files to play with.

Social Media Workshop

We all know that exposure of our photos is very important. But how do we show new people our work? That’s why Behind The Lenscap is planning a fun workshop for photographers on how to use Social Media to get our work out to the public.

How to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, 500px, etc etc. Every kind of platform has it’s own special usage. During this workshop, you will learn how to put all those Social Media platforms to your benefit.

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