What to do when you can’t capture the whole room in one frame? Well, let’s take more shots and stitch ‘m up to create something awesome. This is the grand hall of the train station in Groningen (NL)

I don’t come here often, so when I do, I have to make sure to get the shots I want and a few more. If you are curious about all my other photos, I store them on Smugmug.   


Nikon D5100 || 12-24@12mm || ISO100 || f/9.5 || 6 image panorama

Resize reminder

When you stitch photos you’ll end up with a huge photo. To share this on social media, it needs to be resized for fast loading and preferably with the best viewable quality. So if you are an photoshop CC user, I have an action to resize your amazing photos to a size that will give you great quality.

behind the lenscap facebook resizer

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