Let the light guide your eyes

Every time I’m in a city at night, I look around for possible compositions and spots to photograph. While teaching workshops in these cities, I don’t always have the time to shoot them as I’m more focussed on educating my students, but I will always keep those spots in mind until I have the opportunity to capture them. First I make sure that I pin the location on Google Maps on my smartphone. So whenever I’m in the neighbourhood, I can check Maps to see where it was and get the shot I wanted.

Rushing in and out the city

During one of the workshops in Rotterdam I finally found the time to go over to this spot with some students who wanted to shoot some light trails. All those cars rushing in and out this city gives it a metropolitan look. In the middle is the world famous Erasmus bridge with the lights reflecting up on the moist air. Like it’s saying: “Here I am and from here the only way is up”

Remember that Rotterdam was bombed and destroyed during WWII and most of the old buildings are rebuild with new modern architecture. This city is like a phoenix who arrises from the ashes into something new and beautiful.


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