For the last two weeks I had the privilege to shoot with the brand new Nikon D750 and the 14-24 f/2.8. The camera was provided to me by Nikon Netherlands. I tested this camera for my HDR and night photography work. One of the first shots I made was this skyline capture of Rotterdam.

Even with this camera, I went in my most used shooting mode which is, setting up the composition, use live view focusing, re-compose, find the base exposure for my brackets and finally, dial all the inputs into Triggertrap.

Now it was time to test the autofocus by night. For this test I used just one of the 51 focus points and used live view to select the area where I wanted the focus to be. As I zoomed in on the live view to the bottom part of the skyline, I pressed the shutter button half way to auto focus and BOOM!!! within a fraction of a second the camera focused extremely correct. For using Triggertrap the camera has te be in manual focus, so switching the lens to manual focus was my next step.

The composition was already made and all the inputs remained the same for Triggertrap. All that was left was a touch on the button for Triggertrap and the brackets were made.


Nikon D750 || 14-24@20mm || ISO100 || f/8

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