It is well known that Facebook does a huge compression on the photos you upload. Often the quality of your photos will decrease heavily. To prevent this, you need to reduce your picture in a certain way so that it is least affected by the Facebook compression. That’s why I have created an action for Photoshop to make things easier.

On the interweb, you can find numerous ways on how to resize your photos to obtain the best quality for Facebook. Trust me, I’ve tried a lot of them and some were so complicated that even a pro photoshop user would be scared. At the Photokina I asked my good friend Richard Terborg how he deals with the terrible Facebook compression. His solution was extremely simple and very accurate.

First of all, we need to know what the maximum resolution is for a high quality photo on Facebook. The answer is 2048 x 2048 pixels. So we have to resize our photo to a width or height of 2048 px. A landscape oriented photo will be max 2048 pixels wide and a portrait oriented photo will be max 2048 pixel high.

Manual Resize

  1. Flatten image
  2. Convert to 8 bit depth
  3. Convert to sRGB
    Menu: Edit – Convert to profile – choose sRGB
  4. Resize to width or height of 2048 (image – image resize)
    Make sure height and width are linked
    Resample (Bicubic – smooth gradients)
  5. Command or CTRL “J” to copy the layer
  6. Unsharp Mask (Amount 70%, Radius 1 pixel, Threshold 0)

Automatic Resize

To speed up your workflow, I have created an action for Photoshop. This action works non destructive. You can download this action including the help file by clicking the button below.

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