I always thought I was just another guy with a camera. Not different then anyone else. That image of myself changed when I found out that my photos inspired other photographers. As you might know, a while ago, Nikon Netherlands asked me to be in their I AM DIFFERENT campaign and become an ambassador for the brand.

I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished in the past years and I would like to thank all people who believed in me and made it possible to grow in this forever expanding photography branch.

Nowadays I shoot with the amazing Nikon D750 with the beast of all lenses, the Nikon 14-24mm 2.8 ED. For my long exposure HDR photos I use Triggertrap to capture my brackets. How I do this can be read in my tutorial.

The low light capabilities of this camera are just unbelievable. When you attend one of my workshops here in The Netherlands, feel free to get some shots with my D750 and find out for yourself how stunning this piece of equipment is.

For an english version see the video from NikonLife that was made for the Nikon workshops during the Amsterdam Light Festival.

Scroll down to see some more shots that were used in the Nikon video.

I am different

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