Holy Smokes…that’s a very long bridge. With just a few more meters over 5000 meters, this is the longest bridge in The Netherlands. Normally I don’t shoot during the day, as the light is very harsh, but this time I was so close by, I just had to do it. Be sure to check out the long exposure tutorial with Scott Kelby.


I really prefer shooting before or after sunset, that’s when the light is just perfect and I can shoot some longe exposures. But this particular day I had to shoot an interior of a new bakery. I arrived early and the weather was just terrible. It was raining on and off and we had an overcast sky which was medium grey. Just after lunch, the sky cleared and the clouds were just awesome. Downside was, it was mid day.

Anyhow, for a long exposure here in Zeeland,I needed my 9 stop ND filter in front of the camera. The photo below is a “Behind The Scenes” shot.

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