Live Stream on Facebook

Live Stream on Facebook from your computer

First watch this video on how to setup OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) for live streaming on Facebook. In this tutorial I’ll show you how easy it is to setup OBS for streaming on your Facebook Page. Now with the Facebook Live API you can also stream on your personal profile, in groups or on your Business Page.

If you want to go live on your Facebook Business Page, you can follow the instructions in the video above. This is good if you have a page, but what if you want to stream live on your personal profile or in a group? Facebook doesn’t give you publishing tools for profiles, but they do provide developers the Live Video API.

I created a button from the official Facebook Live Video API to make things easier for you.

Create Facebook Live Stream

  1. Click on the “Create Live Stream To Facebook” button abovefacebook live stream
  2. Then choose wether you want to go Live on your profile, group or page and click “next”
  3. A stream pop-up alert will come on
  4. Click “OK” and a pop-up window will appear. If the window does not appear check your pop-up settings to allow pop-ups
  5. In the window enter your update text and video information


You can’t go LIVE yet. First you have to enter the Stream Key in the Stream setting in OBS and start your stream so that Facebook can receive it. Once Facebook receives the data from your stream it will no longer display “OFFLINE” and display your Live Stream preview.

Anything else is the same as for streaming on your Facebook Page as described in the video above.

Happy Streaming 🙂

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