The Korenbeurs in Groningen is one of the iconic buildings in the heart of the city. Used to trade grain and corn in the old days, nowadays it houses a supermarket. Shooting in a city is always fun. There are always people that are interested in photography and want to know what you’re capturing, but sometimes there are a few annoying people that make me angry.

Every now and then, when I give a practical workshop, there are some people who think it’s funny to stand right in front of your camera. They just stand there, with a stupid grin on their face, blocking your view. Most of the time these are young adults that just came out of a bar with a few to many drinks. These are the moments that I really have to make sure I don’t loose my temper.

Groningen Korenbeurs

We are with a group people and we’re having fun capturing amazing cityscapes at night. All the gear we carry is very expensive and I don’t want the situation to get worse. I care about my students and I don’t want anything to happen to them or their gear. So, as they stand in front of  our cameras, blocking the view, I just stare back at them for a few moments and count to 10 in my head. Then I friendly ask them to move aside so we can continue our business. Most of the times they just go their own way after that and the problem is solved, but there are a few times they just don’t move an inch.

Flash them away

I have a simple remedy to get them on their way quickly. Once they don’t want to move on, I grab my speedlight and attach it on my camera and ask them to pose for a group photo. They will always ask where it’s going to be published. With a smile on my face, I tell them it’s for the homeless newspaper. Before I can press the shutter, they’re gone 🙂

Have you encountered something similar? I would love to hear how you deal with these situations. You can leave it in a reply below this post.

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