Selling my Gear

Yes, you are reading it right!! I’m selling my gear. Well, not all of it, but just those items that I no longer use frequently. I’m selling my Nikon D5100 (43308 clicks) together with the Tokina 12-24 and the Samyang 8mm Fisheye. Not using this gear is a shame and I hope they will find a new owner soon who will shoot with it with as much joy as I did.

The Nikon D5100 has a special firmware which let you shoot uncompressed RAW. Bottom line is, you will get much more data in the RAW files then you’ll get with the original firmware. You can flash the firmware back to the original one by using an SD card. If you ever updated your cameras firmware, you’ll know how to do it.

The whole kit will change owner for just € 799,-
The 18-55mm kitlens is added as a bonus for you 😉

When you’re interested or know someone who’s interested, just drop a comment below and I will get in touch with you. 

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