Hunebeds are ancients burial sites here in The Netherlands. They date from 3450 BC. For this shot I wanted to do something different to make it even more mystical.

I wanted to lighten the hunebed from the inside. So I placed about 5 candles in glass jars underneath the stones to get the nice orange glow. The outside of the stones and the ground are light painted with a flashlight to make them pop.

hunebed on fire


The first shot of the hunebed was made for the candle light. This was shot with a shutter speed of 15 secs. The next shot was for the lightpainting of the stones and foreground. During this 30 sec exposure we lit all the stones and ground. Finally I had to make two more shots for the sky, one very long exposure of 281 sec for the clouds and a 30 sec exposure for some stars. All the exposures were blended in Photoshop to get this final image which I had in mind.

Nikon D5100 || 12-24@12mm

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