What the heck is a Funset you wonder… Well, it’s a sunset combined with a lot of fun. Hence the imaginary word Funset.

Once in a while I organise these fun come togethers with members and friends of Behind The Lenscap. It’s a way to meet each other in the real life after having an online friendship for I don’t know how long. I really love those social events and I’m planning to do a lot more of them.

Some people don’t like to go out shooting the sunset and blue hour on their own because they don’t feel very secure out there by themselves. With these meetings they can enjoy the outdoors within a group of photo-enthousiasts and even learn from each other.


At every meeting I will make a BTS (behind the scenes) video to show you how much fun we have and to encourage you to join on one of the next events. Again, the video is in dutch, but I’m sure you will like the scenery 🙂


After the sun was set beyond the horizon, I decided to take some shots with some fill in flash. I used the Rogue Flashbender large for these shots. It’s a technique I learned from my friend and fellow Nikon Ambassador, Brett Florens, a well known international destination wedding photographer. See his video about his workshop “A shot in the dark” here:

Here are the shots that I made with the Rogue Flashbender




So now the sun was completely gone and blue hour started to kick in. We decided to take some more shots with the Flashbender and these are the results.

Keep on reading…there’s more to come 🙂


After everyone left for home, I stayed a little longer to get some night shots of this great lighthouse. All the tourists were gone and I had the place to myself. With the blue moon rising, it casted an incredible light on the few clouds in the sky. It was purely Mother Nature painting the sky…

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