You might know someone close to you who’s always busy with their phone. They’re chatting to others online and and forget about the people around them. At some point they will only be left with their online friends and left alone by the ones they were with. But this post is not about that, there are many more other websites that cover this item in depth. This post is about how to get your night photography to the next level.

dining with friends

Nikon D750 || 14-24@14mm || f/2.8 || ISO100 || 2 sec

By adding a person in your shot, you can tell a short story to which the viewer can reflect. In this case I just added myself in the shot. The only extra light that I used was the light coming from my iPhone. The whole photo was captured in one single shot and post processed using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

In the photo below you can see the shot without people in it and emphasising on the restaurant itself. For this image I used 7 exposures and merged them with the Lightroom 6 HDR merge option.


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