Earlier this week I had a meeting with my friend Michel Maat from Cafe Obscura in Delft. I’ve been in Delft a lot of times when I was a kid, but the city itself never had anything special for me. With all the canals and bridges, I thought it was just an terrible city to ride your on a bicycle. Now, many many many years later, I saw this city through new eyes and I was stunned!!!


After Michel and I had a chat in his studio, we went out for a bite. He took me to an awesome restaurant where they served one hell of a burger. It’s called De Beren. Great food, great service and all that for a fair price. We had to wait for the sun to set, so why not kill some time while having delicious food 🙂


During our little adventure in this gorgeous city, I also shot a BTS movie while Michel was capturing the City Hall in HDR and then it happened… Someone riding a bike made his way through the frame. You can see that person in the BTS video below but you have to pay close attention, because he or she doesn’t have a light on.

Normally I hate it when people don’t turn their lights on, but when shooting at night it’s a good thing. It saves a lot of time using the clone stamp in Photoshop to remove the light trail.

I just found another place to teach my workshop night photography. Delft is really stunning. Lot’s of old architecture and nice light. Perfect conditions to learn how to see the light in darkness.

Nikon D750 || 14-24@17mm || ISO100 || f/7.1 || 5 exposures

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