The Amsterdam Light Festival attracts many people to watch the amazing light sculptures. Together with Nikon, I give night photography workshops in Amsterdam to other learn photographers how to capture those great light sculptures.
Watch the video below from Nikon Life where I talk about night photography and give you a behind the scenes during one of the workshops in Amsterdam.

The light sculptures of the Amsterdam Light Festival, are not easy to capture in camera. Some of them are moving or have a video projected on them. To capture them in the best way possible, you might need to take multiple shots with different camera settings and combine them afterwards with photo editing software. This way, you can get the photo you want.

For example the photo you see below, was shot using 6 different exposures. Five of them were used for the buildings in background and the water. These exposures were used to create a HDR background. The sky with the heart was shot in a single exposure. Due to the fact that the heart is rotating on top of the buoy, I needed a faster shutter speed. By increasing the ISO and using a wider aperture, I was able to get the shutter speed I needed to “freeze” the heart in time without the lights getting blown out.


During post-processing the two images (HDR background and sky) were merged together to complete the final image.

The Recycle Forest

During the workshop, I’ll take you along the Illuminade. This is the walking route of the Amsterdam Light Festival. Here you will find the Magical Recycle Forest. All the Christmas trees you’ll find there are made out of recycled material by school kids.


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