Amsterdam, who hasn’t heard of it or been there? The city is famous of her canals, beer (Heineken, Amstel), musea and many other mind-blowing things. If you know what I mean. For the last two months I’ve spend a lot of time is our great city. Teaching workshops for Nikon Netherlands during the Amsterdam Light Festival.

While teaching, I couldn’t take the shots I wanted, but it gave me a lot of fulfilment to see my students get the shots they were so eager to take. After some of the workshops, I grabbed my gear and went to some spots that I wanted to capture in a different way.

On January the 6th, I gave a short night photography workshop in Amsterdam for the Nikon employees. Just after they left by canalboat, I waved them goodbye and looked at the opposite shore of the canal. That’s when I visualised the photo you can see below.


Nikon D750 || 14-24@14mm || ISO100 || f/8

Looking at those typical Amsterdam houses, I noticed that none of them were alike and likely every window has it’s own story to tell, but we will never know them. Those houses have been there for centuries, growing taller and more beautiful over time. The street lanterns casting their light on the old houses gave it a serene look.

The houses reminded me of people, photographers for instance, all wanting to be bigger, look better and even rise above all others. They all look different and each one is unique, but their purpose is the same. I just wanted to capture them in their unique way.

Amsterdam - Red Light District

If you like the reflection technique I used here, you might want to check out Terry White’s video about editing your travel photos. He asked me during the Professional Imaging about it while I was having a chat with him and Scott Kelby. As you might know, Scott is the man when it comes to reflections.


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