Before & After of the Amsterdam Canal Houses

Hi folks, in this post I would like to show you the before and after shots of the Amsterdam canal houses. Most of the editing is done in Lightroom. In the latest version of Lightroom CC, you have the ability to merge your exposure brackets into a super HDR raw file. Using the develop mode, you can finetune this super RAW file to your likings.


As you can see below I made 6 brackets here to capture the complete dynamic range of the scene. The first two captures are the same, so I used the last 5 exposure brackets to create and HDR image in Adobe Lightroom CC.

After merging the brackets into a super RAW file and edited the photo with some basic adjustments, as you can see here below. The white balace was set very cold to get the correct color for the sky. But this made the whole image very blueish.

I just wish there was a special tool in Lightroom to make some local adjustments and get some warmth back on those houses.

Lucky for us, Adobe invented the adjustment brush. with this brush I can locally bring back the warmth on the houses while maintaining the colder tones of the sky.

After finalising the photo edit in Lightroom, I opened it in Photoshop to make some final adjustments. By using different filters of NIK Software Color Efex on separate layers, I can locally adjust specific parts of the photo to my likings. Some of the NIK filters I used are:

  • Detail extractor
  • Pro contrast
  • Skylight

Hope you like this quick insight in my editing process. I know there are many other ways to come to a similar result. Anyway, this is how I do it. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in a comment below.

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