First of all, thank you for browsing to my about page. You probably came here to get to know me a little bit more. That’s ok, because that’s what this page is about. But it’s not only about me, but also about you… Yes you!!

I hear you think: “Why is this about me?” Well, that’s fairly simple. You, dear visitor, are the reason why I run this website. If this was all about me, I could simply keep all my photos and knowledge to myself and be happy with it. But that’s just not how I am. I want to share these great things with you.

Anyway, a long time ago when I was in high school, I joined the schools photography club. Little did i know about it back then, but I quickly learned the basics. Every spare hour I spend in the schools darkroom to develop my films and photos. Do you remember those darkrooms where you had to keep the chemicals in a locked fridge? We placed a second fridge next to it where we kept our beer cool. Yeah, those were the days I tell you!!

Behind The Lenscap | BTW NL126912191B01 | KVK 57983836 | NL84INGB0004228678
Capture Common Things to Create Awesomeness
Amazing sunset at the ship wreck in Zeeland

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