10 Stunning Windmills in Holland

Kinderdijk and Zaanse Schans are probably the two most visited places by photographers to shoot stunning photos of windmills. The windmills at these places are very well preserved and a huge tourist attraction.

The best time to capture these windmills is in the early morning around sunrise or later in the day during sunset. Don’t just pack up your photography gear and head back home right after sunset. Just wait a little longer for blue hour and maybe wait some more till after blue hour. You will be surprised what you can capture with very long exposures.

Kinderdijk is near Rotterdam, a big city in the south western part of The Netherlands. Due to the light pollution there, the sky never gets really dark and the light from the city produces a nice warm glow on the horizon.

Colors in the wind

Zaanse Schans

Stand Fast

Woodworking Mill

Windmill in the sunset

The Green Mill

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