10 Amazing views of Amsterdam by night

During the time I served in the Dutch Air Force, I travelled to a lot of different countries. Each country had something beautiful. It didn’t matter what it was, the landscape, the architecture, the smell or something else. In the Caribbean I saw a multi million dollar villa next to a very small, old wooden shag. Both were the residents of a family of 7. The enormous contrast between the two made it beautiful to watch.

When I got in touch with local people during these travels, they always asked me where I was from. when I told them I was from The Netherlands, they would look at me like they never heard of such a place. I quickly added to it that I live close to Amsterdam. The moment I spoke the name of our capital, I would see the recognition in their eyes and they say, “Oh Amsterdam yeah! Ajax, Ruud Gullit, Marco van Basten, hashies”. One time someone asked me, “Holland? Isn’t that the capital of Amsterdam?”

But Amsterdam is so much more than soccer, drugs and the Red Light District. Walking along the canals, you can still breath the old days. The old canalhouses are just stunning to watch as they lean over and to the side. One is tall, the other one is thin and higher. They are never the same. That’s what makes the old city centre of Amsterdam so unique.

Amsterdam - Papiermolensluis

Amsterdam is sometimes called the Venice of the north. With more then 1000 bridges and houses built directly next the canals, that wording is correct.

Amsterdam by night

Bike taxi’s aren’t cheap. Make sure you agree to a fixed price before hopping into one. It’s a great way to discover the city.

Yes, there are windows with red lights.

This is one of the first views you’ll see when you leave the Central Station and walk down town.

Amsterdam canalhouses

Two of the 1798 bridges…

Amsterdam City Lights

Sightseeing the city at night can also be done from a canalboat.

High Speed Sightseeing Amsterdam

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From Amsterdam, with LOVE

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